Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Book Report

Since I'm obsessive about everything, I made a reading plan to pare down the TBR shelves before buying more books. A sensible move considering the weight of the TBR titles were in danger of damaging the two bookcases, which have been dedicated to unread titles. And no, sadly there is no room for adding more bookcases.

My plan has been only marginally successful. Yesterday I ordered still more books. I still lack sales resistance. There was a book I needed that I did not own - truly. But once the cart is opened, surely I should buy enough to get free shipping. It is the only sensible option. Shopping for books is nearly as much fun as reading.

Last week's genre (dictated by the PLAN) was classic.Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre hopped to number one on the current TBR pile. This is the first reading of my well-loved old friend since taking up writing. I worried that I might be disappointed. Nope. I find Jane's adventures to be as compelling as the first time I met her. Perhaps even better, because knowing what is coming I have no need to race through the pages. Rather I am content to savor each sentence and marvel at how deftly the author leads me into her story world, setting the scene with unfailing credibility.

Do you reread old friend books with trepidation or anticipation?


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