Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading report

Multiple reads this week

Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda Seger

Five stars – An excellent craft book. One I wish I’d read earlier. It is intended for those interested in writing scripts. I’m not. But good characterization is at the heart of all storytelling whatever the medium.

Tall, tanned and Texan by Kimberly Raye

Three stars – Ms.Raye has that Southern charm thing going in her voice, which appeals to the Yankee in me. The story itself fails to rise significantly over the average Blaze. For a fast, mildly sexy romp it’s a fine choice.

Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

Four stars – The story makes me wish I read Spanish. The prose intrigues, charms, wanders and surprises. There are stories within stories since the protagonist is a storyteller.

Deadly Affair by Sheila Baker

Three and half stars – but don’t worry it’ll be five stars by the time it’s available in print. The story is the sort of erotica I’m always looking for and not finding. Strongly drawn characters real enough to move in next door grappling with compelling problems and complicated sexuality.


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