Monday, September 25, 2006

Writing Life

Digging deeper, in an effort to improve my writing has hit pockets of stubborn resistance.

I’ll give you examples.

I read about writers who created playlists to evoke certain moods. Ah ha, exactly what I need, I need more emotion, more romance. Music is wonderful for creating the perfect mood. I surf off in search of love songs. I keep getting distracted by rock and roll.

I made a commitment to complete a class, Empowering Character’s Emotions. It’s tough going. My eye slides off the page. The exercises are tedious, The examples dull. Defense mechanisms slam down. I don’t like emotional. I don’t do emotional. What ever possessed me to write romance?

Even in deep denial I can see a problem here.

Nobody warned me I’d have to undergo therapy to be a writer. If I dug deep enough into any subject it’d become about my psyche. The first step in solving a problem is recognition. . .

This writing business is not for sissies.


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