Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Story Essentials – Continued

Recapping as we work our way down the romance editor’s wish list, so far we have:

An opening hook
An appealing, human heroine
A hero to fall in love with. He must be human, appealing and honorable
An original story line.
Dialogue that sings
Emotional roll coaster (highs and lows)
Sensuality that steams up the windows
A pace that keeps the reader hooked
A setting that feels real but is transparent

An happy ever after that leaves you with an aah

The happy ending is a romance requirement. It is apparent to any one who reads more than couple. A satisfactory resolution is the most sacred of all of the reader’s expectations.

So what is the secret behind the truly satisfying ending? Doubt.

Genuine worry that the conflict between the hero and heroine is unbridgeable makes the final resolution more fearfully anticipated, therefore much more poignant and more cherished. Of course, the reader must be invested in your characters for them to fuss about their resolution or to exult in the final dissolution of the inner conflict.


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