Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Writing Craft

Recapping as we work our way down the romance editor’s wish list, so far we have:

An opening hook
An appealing, human heroine
A hero to fall in love with. He must be human, appealing and honorable
An original story line.
Dialogue that sings
Emotional roll coaster (highs and lows)
Sensuality that steams up the windows
A pace that keeps the reader hooked

A setting that feels real but is transparent.

Setting is more that which City serves as a backdrop for your story. Setting can be as simple as letting the reader know that your heroine stomped off to the bathroom. Setting keeps the story world real and anchors the characters so they are more than talking heads.

Setting is the third leg of the fiction stool – characterization and plot holding up the other two thirds of the story. Setting adds mood, grounding and weight to your story. Long passages of description aren’t necessary, but concrete details anchor the action allowing the story to unfold seamlessly.

Need more?


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