Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sample Saturday

For those just joining the story the beginning can be read in last Saturday's post . . .

He took his time, walking around the back of the truck and double-checking the luggage was still there. He got out bungee cords and secured the cases. Fishing for his keys, his fingers brushed the folded note.

Simple curiosity made him open it. Man is the head of the woman. Only man is the image and glory of God.

Weird. She didn’t look like the kind of woman who clutched bible verses. But what did he know? She was a Sunday school teacher.

Derrick climbed into the truck. “Here’s your note.”

The hand Bella extended trembled.

“It’s yours, right?”

“I don’t know.” Bella cupped her elbow as if arm needed extra support for the task.

“Come again?”

“I guess it’s mine. I mean – I think it was meant for me. The note was stuck in my bouquet.”
She paused, doing a small shudder shimmy thing that damn near made him forget the question.

“The other one, the first note, was on my windshield at work. That has to mean they’re for me. Doesn’t it? Silly question.” Bella laughed unconvincingly. “Of course, the notes are meant for me.”

Her whisky colored eyes clouded with doubts and fears making him want to puff up and play champion to her maiden in distress.

Nora played these kinds of games and he hated them. Somehow, he didn’t think Bella was pretending and that made all the difference.

“What did the other one say?”

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” Bella gave a half-sob laugh. “I am being silly. I keep telling myself there’s no harm in words –” She shook her head staring at the paper in her open hand. “How could someone put a note in my bouquet? Why would they want to?”

“A disappointed boyfriend?”

A peal of rich, full, genuine laughter bubbled. “No, I don’t think so.”

“A co-worker, then?”

“Definitely not.”

“A religious nut.”

“You’re probably right.” She agreed with a cheerful smile. The clouds didn’t leave her pretty eyes. “Shouldn’t we get going?”

“Yeah.” He pushed the key in the ignition. Glancing at her as he automatically checked behind them.

She opened her purse, dropping in the note and pulling a hankie. She used it to dab at her eyes. The hankie went back. Out came a fancy little mirror. Bella studied her face with a small furrow between her brows.

“Darn, the lash line is smudged.”

He had no idea what that meant, but it didn’t sound good.

Licking her ring finger, she patted delicately under her eyes until she was satisfied with the effect. The mirror disappeared back inside the small sparkly purse. Everything she did was fresh, feminine, fascinating.

A blur of motion snagged his attention. A large man, dressed in camouflage, disappeared into the woods behind the church. The hairs on Derrick’s nape jumped to code yellow, changing the level of threat.

The sound of the truck rumbling to life jerked his head.

Lord protect me!

Instantly, calm settled like an invisible cloak over his shoulders. He had nothing to fear. He was God’s anointed servant carrying the word to those who needed it. And the word was salvation and life everlasting.

The Almighty’s mercy did not exonerate his servants from diligence in the performance of their duties. He halted, rotating his torso enough to scan the parking lot. The pickup loitered, its occupants shrunk to silhouettes.

He narrowed his eyes marginally reassured by the space between them.

His angel’s face turned toward the church.

Gratifying warmth spread through his chest. He prayed for strength to resist temptation of the flesh and for perfect obedience to God’s will.

The sinner scanned the woods. For a second the sinner seemed to look straight at him. The sinner’s gaze held power.

He prayed for more strength and courage to carry out the Almighty’s mission. The sinner’s gaze passed over him. Proof that his prayers were heard and answered.

He hung his head in humility. How could he doubt the will of his lord? Had not God led him to this destiny by a hundred acts, which left no room for doubt? Had not God spared his life, bringing him back from death, so that he could be the Almighty’s arm of perfect vengeance? Had not God handpicked him for this mission?

“You are safe my son.” The words formed in his head in the rich reverberating voice he knew as God.

He tilted his head toward the heavens his arms spread waiting for God’s will to be shown to him. His whole body tingled with health and power. His penis engorged.

“This too is my will. Soon you will be rewarded for your service with pleasure beyond your dreams. For now spill your seed on the ground my son and know that every part of you is blessed and sacred.”

The anointed servant followed God’s commandment. He stroked himself lovingly. As always, God filled him with the vision. His Angel.

“How well do you know the Reverend?” Derrick asked.

“Reverend Tom? He’s been here for years. Poor man, he’s still considered the new Reverend and constantly compared to his predecessor He’s a little awkward away from his pulpit, but you’ll never find a nicer man.”

A glance showed him the back of Bella’s head, her face turned away from him and toward the passenger window. She hadn’t sounded sarcastic. Nice would not have made his list of adjectives for the Reverend.

After a few seconds, she continued without further prodding. “When he first came he got a cool reception. Nana said if she were too friendly to Reverend Tom, it’d feel disloyal to Reverend Jack. Lots of folks seemed to feel the same way. I felt sorry for him. I know what it’s like being the newcomer. I tried to be extra nice helping out with Sunday school and choir practice.”

“You sing?” He wasn’t touching the Sunday school line.

“Not well.” Bella laughed and he didn’t believe her. Her laughter was music.

“I play the organ. Not as well as Mildred, the organist today. But Mildred takes care of her mother and choir practice is Thursday evenings, it’s hard for her to get away. . .”

Bella babbled on. Nervous.

Derrick added up the pieces – the notes, her tension, the furtive figure behind the church. He didn’t like where this was going. His sweet Sunday school teacher, who looked like an advertisement for sin, had a stalker.


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