Friday, August 22, 2008

Sold! Dangerously sexy explores new worlds

Sold, earlier this week Dalila’s Choice, an erotic futuristic novella, to New Concepts Publishing.

Here’s the blurb--

Dalila Theron arrives in orbit around Enyo with orders to conquer the hostile warriors by any means necessary. But, warriors shoot first and ask no questions. Blasted out the sky, her damaged ship plunges into a stormy sea. Rescued by intimidating twin brothers, she is stranded on a remote island. Her weapon training, hand-to-hand combat skills, and sketchy mind control instructions didn’t prepare her for dealing with the overwhelmingly male warriors. In desperation, she wields a dangerous new weapon, sex appeal.

The attraction between the three of them is a two-edged blade, slicing her as deeply as it does the men. She’s instantly drawn to Kelvar, who saved her from drowning. His raw male instincts, strength, and honor fail to hide a tender heart. His twin, Dexon secured her damaged spacecraft, incurring serious injury. When she tends his wound, she awakens a potent desire. Now, she’s caught between two men. Their law demands she chose. She has only three days to decide. One twin will be her mate for life. The other will die. But, how can she choose between the two fierce warriors, when both have captured her heart?


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