Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Story choices

I'm close-well,closer--to finishing the first draft of the third dangerous book. Actually, one of the reasons I'm close is I changed the goal.

Yeah, yeah, kind of cheating, but subsequent drafts always wind up with me adding words--lots of words. Probably because I leave out tons of stuff. Since I know what's happening, I gloss over lots of important parts when writing.

Letting the first pass steep for awhile allows me to look at it with fresh eyes and that makes for a much better written tale, which is why I tuck the raw first draft away for at least a couple of weeks.

Back to my original blog topic, as the end of the first draft looms, ideas about what to work on next, seep into my conscious mind. There's never a lack of stories to work on--I have a backlog of partials, many of which are still begging to be written. Yet, the current front runner for the next book is something entirely new. Because I had fun writing Dalila's Choice and it's a story world I want to revisit.


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