Saturday, September 20, 2008

Six things I hate about me

1)I'm fussy--it bothers me so you know it's bad. There was a movie moment where I saw the insanity of this kind of behavior. Sleeping with the Enemy Julie Roberts plays the victimized wife of a control freak. She's escaped from her abuser, and yet she finds herself adjusting the hand towels so that they hang just so... I do stuff like that all the time and no one is making me.

2)I hold a grudge--not attractive, I agree, but there you are. Getting over it is a concept I understand in theory--I just have a lot of trouble putting it into practice.

3)My enthusiasm way exceeds my stamina. I'm not sure which end of that equation needs to be changed. But I do know it's frustrating to want to do ten things for every one available time slot. At least, I'm never bored.

4)I'd love to be self-actualized. but reality is--I need validation, I crave it.

5)I have no idea how to disagree without being a total bitch about it.

6)I can't seem to remember to engage brain before opening my mouth. Seriously, I would like to have a carefully rehearsed script for every encounter to hell with spontanity.

Come on and confess anythng you don't like about yourself, you'll feel better.


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