Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Website and Blog Coming Soon

The new web site will go live some time in the next couple of weeks. It will include a new look for the blog. I don't know what it will look like myself. But, I have faith that it will tasteful and dangerously sexy.

The designer for all this wonderfulness is Karen Rani. You can see examples of her work here

Originally, I'd envisioned just a blog upgrade. But, this is going to be better. The process of working with a visual medium specialist is exciting and challenging--making me think about specifically how to furnish a web home.

When it comes to creating stories, gardens and refurbishing the real life house I'm all about DIY, but when it comes to creating a website...I'd be waiting years if I insisted on doing it myself, plus I'd get no stories written in all those years of studying web design. By the time I acquired the skills, their usefulness would have been lost and forgotten. So, this is a brand new experience--a little like hiring a surrogate mother. The end product being a virtual home, which hopefully is much lower maintenance than a baby.

When it comes to web pages and blogs, which do you prefer--DIY or designer on call?


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