Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weird Wednesday stuff

It's silly to pretend we have four season in Seattle. We have two--rainy and not so rainy. Real heat and real cold are both anomalies, easily ignored and certainly not in need of ritual or celebration.

Despite the slight difference between rainy and less rainy, I love the changing of seasons. According to my internal calendar mid-October is the beginning of fall-winter, otherwise known as the rainy season. This is time to put the flannel sheets on the beds, change the sofa's cover to deeper jewel tones, redo the deck boxes with winter blooms, dig out sweaters, and change to the red dishes.

Dishes have an appeal that rivals books, although for practical reasons my dish ownership is severely limited. The realities of time, money, and space don't curb my enthusiasm. Different china patterns enchant me for no reason other than their intrinsic beauty. I don't need to actually eat off them to enjoy their presence. I could easily devote a room to tasteful built-in cabinetry designed to showcase a china collection.

But I live in the real world, so I don't collect anything, sadly not even leather bound first editions of the classics or the French impressionists.

Do you collect anything? If not constrained by practical considerations, what would you collect?


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