Friday, July 14, 2006

Superromance reading report - With Child

I'm reading deprived. The TBR stack threatens the safety of anyone passing by. Yesterday I lowered it by opening a Superromance. I eyed the book with the jaundiced eye of a jaded reader.

The books is labeled Nine Months Later, pregnant heroines aren't my favorites. A few pages in I realize it is set in Seattle. Another strike against the already suspicously viewed story.

I read either for education or entertainment. When I'm looking for escape from the daily grind I prefer somewhere more exotic than my home town. Ms. Johnson managed to overcome my doubts capturing my interest with three dimensional charactes and a deep emotional connection. The story is so engaging I will make a point of looking for more of her books.


Blogger Stacy Dawn said...

I'd say I'm a moody reader. I always have a book on the go but chosing it from the TBR pile is never necessarily from the top. The choice depends on the mood I'm in.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Evanne said...

I hear you Stacy Dawn. Some titles have lingered so long in the TBR stack they're fading - slight exaggeration but not by much.I have a stack of SSB I bought for research purposes. After reading one I rejected the idea of writing for that line. Haven't been in the mood for feminist super-heroines yet. LOL

6:53 PM  

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