Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sample Saturday postponed

This week I hatched a grand plan to get more organized about blogging. Here's the new and improved blogging plan:

  • Mondays - Writing life
  • Tuesdays - Reading report
  • Wednesdays - Craft
  • Thursdays - Buzz
  • Fridays - Market report
  • Saturdays - Sample

Want to guess where it fell apart? Right. Saturday sample. I dug out my first story with the intent of posting the first chapter and discussing the mistakes. Oh boy, it had way too many mistakes for a blog post.

I'm not easily discouraged (a trait also know as sheer stubborness). Thinking smaller, I cut and pasted the first scene. Still too many problems. There were three POV and one of them was an omnipotent deity. Picture me rolling my eyes. Undaunted, I begin to edit, deleting the supreme being's observations for a start. Three hours later and the scene is still too messy for public viewing - even as an example of what not to do. I sent it off to my brilliant CP who graciously points out everything that troubles her.

Despite all the flaws, the story still lives in my head. I'm not sure I have the skill to do justice to it yet. The gap between what is on the page and the story in my head is still huge, but closing.

I've learned something from this exercise, I may never suceed in writing a category romance that is publishable. I've learned about romance writing and I enjoy reading romance, but that's still a long ways from being marketable.

I've come full circle back to where I started, which was to write the best story I could and figure out where to market it later.


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