Saturday, August 12, 2006

New stories

I've already admitted I find new stories endlessly seductive. There are more snippets of stories on my hard drive than I care to count. They come in different flavors, a bio, a scene, blurbs, outlines and concepts (a lot like a synopsis except less focused)

I'd intended to complete a trilogy of Blaze stories, loosely connected by characters that appear as secondaries in the prior title, before doing anything else. While licking my ego wounds from the most recent rejection, I can't help second guessing why. One of the probable causes is not enough focus on the romance. In an effort to remedy this short coming I decided to write a straight romance rather than the story with suspense elements I'd planned as the next project. I couldn't even get through the outline without including dangerous developments.

Nothing is impossible, but it seems pointless to pretzel my natural bent to fit into a slot that I'd struggle to write. Hot romance with that zing of danger is what I want to write. One of the main advantages to being unpublished is you are entirely free of editorial restrictions. I plan to wallow in that freedom and indulge myself in another steamy thriller.


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