Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reading report

Multiple reads this week

The First Five Pages – A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of The Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman

Three Star review – A good craft book for those needing a review of the basics. Most entertaining – albeit depressing - features are the quotes introducing each chapter. Examples of what not to do abound and if the reader were to recognize a familiar pattern I can well picture the winces.

Setting – How to create and sustain a sharp sense of time and place in your fiction by Jack M. Bickham

Five Star review – A hasty perusal of the contents was enough to convince me I need a copy of my own.

Sister of My Heart by Citra Banerjeee Divakaruni

Five start review – The story of two girls’ as they grow into women both protagonists are equally compelling yet distinctly individual. The setting is exotic, the feelings universal, the story riveting. I’ve heard rumors there’s a sequel - book slut happiness.


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