Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sample Saturday- Chapter Two - part three

For those just joining the story - chapter one can be read in its entirety on the October 21st entry and the first part of chapter two on the October 28th entry, the next on November 4th.

Tori slid a hand up his inner thigh. “I’ve missed you.”

He caught her hand removing it from his leg.

Predictably, she stormed off. Spoiled, willful and yet insecure, not a good combination. Derrick pictured a lifetime of huffs and swallowed another helping of pride. Better resign himself sooner rather than later. Making the best of things wasn’t a new concept for him and it was still the wisest choice. He’d apologize tomorrow – claim extreme horniness.

The laurel hedge lining the driveway offered easy concealment and a perfect view of the front of her house. He frowned. Where was his angel? She had Sunday school and work tomorrow. Would she come in the back door? No, she would’ve turned on lights. Rotating his wrist, he checked the dial of his watch, twenty three fifty. She was late. He should have gone to the reception. Had he gotten an invitation? He couldn’t remember. His memory wasn’t as good as it used to be. The pills had helped – made it easier to remember. But when he took his pills, he couldn’t hear God.

He shifted his weight from the balls of his feet to the heels flexing his ankles. His knees were stiff. He rocked again trying to ease the aches from standing for too long. He wanted to pop his knuckles, but he was on duty.

Images of the sinner with his Angel tortured him. He should have gone to the reception. He could have protected her. His Angel was strong and good, but the sinner was powerful. God should have warned him about the sinner. Fear trickled at the careless blasphemy.

Lord, forgive me. I know not what I think. I am your obedient servant. Yours to command.

God didn’t answer.

Queasy fear grew into a steady drip of acid etching his stomach.

Carefully, he rotated his wrist twenty three fifty three. How long had it been since the last time he checked?

He prayed. Show me the way Lord. I am lost. I am your anointed servant. Your will directs me. Tell me what to do. Instruct me. Make me the perfect instrument of your law. Prepare me to fulfill your commandments.

God sent him a sign.

A car rolled down the alley. A sigh of relief escaped. He shielded his eyes to avoid losing his night vision.

Bella left the reception stepping into the cool night air.

A dapper middle-aged man held the passenger door for his companion. Bella recognized Rod’s Aunt Mimi by her rose suit and silver curls.

“Excuse me” She called hurrying closer. “Could you possibly give me a lift? I don’t live far.” She smiled harmlessly.

“It’s Bella, Merci’s maid of honor.” Aunt Mimi announced, sounding pleased with her success in putting a name to a face.

“You’re right dear.” Her husband agreed with well-practiced congeniality. “Carl and Mimi Harris. Groom’s side.”

“Thank you so much.” Bella tucked herself into the back seat. “I’ came with friends and they’re all having such a good time, but tomorrow is a work day for me. I was hoping I could catch an early ride home.”

“Won’t your friends worry dear?” Mimi asked.

Dear Lord, she was an awful liar. But the truth was too raw and complicated to share.

“I told them I was calling a cab. But then I realized I didn’t have money with me, silly me –” she lapsed into silence.

Carl and Mimi shared an arch look so audible Bella heard – so irresponsible these young people now days. Bella bit her lip to stifle an inappropriate giggle.

Despite obvious disapproval, Carl handed Mimi into her seat then closed the back door. Bella scooted over grateful for the kindness.

Carl inserted the key, jiggled it, and then canted his neck to peer at the ignition.

“What’s the matter dear?” Mimi leaned closer to her husband.

“Some new fangled safety feature. Darn thing won’t start.”

Bella held her breath picturing Derrick striding out of the doors any second.

“Is the steering wheel locked?”

“I checked that,” Carl muttered.

“Just asking, dear.”

Carl removed the key and methodically tested the car’s systems. “Must be a woman.”

“Who’s that dear?”

“Confounded car must be female.”

“I thought that was ships,” Mimi murmured.

“Them too.”

He reinserted the key and turned. The car purred to life.

Bella let out the breath she’d been holding. Carl pulled away from the reception with the decorum of a deacon leading a processional. Miraculously, the clubhouse disappeared behind them with no sign of Derrick.

An irrational disappointment settled like a wet winter coat over Bella’s shoulders.


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