Friday, January 05, 2007

Writing Life

Romance writers are by and large women. And women are (at the risk of being sexist) the kinder, gentler gender. I've benefited from the very tactful advice of many writers ahead of me on the writing journey.

In turn I've tried to share those hard won lessons with mixed results. Teaching the newly learned subject is fraught with peril for anyone. Writers, for all the ego bruising involved in the business, tend to be easily wounded souls.

A writer needs to care passionately about her stories to get through the process of transfering a dream to the actual page. At the same time she needs to seperate her self-worth from the story. When someone criticizes your performance that's all it is a critic of your execution of certain skills at this point in time. All opinion about art is subjective.

As an example of my lack of objectivity: I don't care for Hemmingway's story choices. I can recognize his genius with words, but still not enjoy reading him. There are other writers whose story craft is shaky that I adore.


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