Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Writing Life

Since I finished the Pirate Story, and got the full of Dangerous Surrender off to the lovely editor it's time to start on something else.

The sequel, Dangerous Deception seemed like a great next step and I actually have a completed story loosely connected to Dangerous Surrender , but it needs lots of work replotting, recasting, and revising. I'll admit it I love new stories. Concept, plotting, characters -- oh my!

So I'm thinking new story, but keep the old title -- Dangerous Deception. I love writing a series. All writing helps grow the writer so I never look at it as a waste of time.

In a perfect world I'd have this next novel written and polished in two months. The earliest date I expect the wonderful editor to get back to me. Better get plotting.


Blogger Lori Borrill said...

I love hearing about your experiences starting out. They sound so familiar! And ditto on the value of a good CP. I think I learned more from mine than any other writing avenue.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Lori, one of the nicest surprises about writing romance is the community of supportive women. Several have given me hints, tips,full critiques, and tons of caring friendship. Sheila has definitely earned her special status for repetition if nothing else. ;)

8:59 AM  

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