Friday, June 01, 2007

Publication Quest

Yesterday, I sent off submission number three for 2007. As usually happens, ideas for making the story better float in immediately after it leaves my hands and begins winging its way to the lovely editor.

I'm never going to write a perfect story. Even when a story is sold and published and readers are enchanted (this happens all the time in my dreams) there will be ideas that come to me for making it better. All I can really hope is a lovely editor sees something in the submission she's willing to work on to make stronger.

There's one thing, besides my lack of perfection,that I'm sure of about my writing I'm going to continue to improve. Someday I'm going to be good enough for a publisher to take a chance on me.


Anonymous T.J. Killian said...

Hey Evanne, here's a clue - there's no such thing as a perfect story.

Remember, final edits is your last chance to really flesh out the story. Don't completely change it, but do use this opportunity to use all the worries nagging you now to your benefit. With a fresh set of eyes, you may read the story and go - okay, it wasn't so bad after all.

Hope that helps.

6:06 AM  
Blogger Evanne said...

T.J., What a lovely thought. How I react to my story or anyone else's for that matter depends largely on which mindset is functioning at the time. If the internal editor is up there's nitpicking and groaning and an occassional patch of grudging 'not bad'. If the muse is in charge it's all great stuff because I'm immersed in the story world and am oblivious to how much of the story is actually on the page. . .

7:57 AM  

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