Sunday, August 26, 2007

Publication quest

Another rejection, which to be honest, I expected. The charming editor is right, it’s not their kind of story. Ironically, I know what she wants and I’d love to give it to her, but I don’t have anything unpromised in inventory. Argh!

To make matters worse, real life is kicking my butt and writing has moved to the back of the priority list--barely creeping along.

I have one more discriminating editor to try with my erotica short story. I know there are readers, who want these stories, but there are only a few publishers, who offer them. Argh, argh!

Current year's goals updated

1) Continue to study and learn the craft of writing (this is a permanent goal).

2) Three submissions--done--follow up with a sequels* one done, two in progress

3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

1) Writing--applying what I’ve learned so far …

2) Six submissions sent! Two novels, one novella x two, and one short x two

Status: One sale--four rejections--one waiting to hear from the publishers


Number one: resting--revisions next year?

Number two: Sold! Tasteful acquiring editor explained it will be months before an editor is assigned to work with me ... actual release date? Some time next year is my best guess.

Number three: waiting for format changes needed before resubmitting

Number four: Submitted--estimated response time: one week to ten months one week**

Number five: Resting before final polishing edit

TBR shelves lightened

*Yes, I do admit this is an insane plan, but I needed to stay busy. Now I need to recover my twisted mind in order to develope more dangerously sexy stories.

** Tasteful review editor wrote that she liked it and moved it to acquiring editor’s inbox. Sadly, acquiring editor’s inbox is overflowing


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