Monday, August 13, 2007

Writing life

Have you noticed the huge gap between career images and reality? Since steamy romance writing is my chosen occupation, I feel obligated to shatter a few rosy myths.

I am not my characters, nor am I living their lives. If I were, when would I have time or energy to write about it?

My office looks like any regular business type office. Desk, computer, printer, books, phone all that boring ordinary stuff. No bed, no satin sheets, and definitely no naked guys.

I’m not dressed in silk and lace. If my jeans don’t have big holes or any bad stains - they’re good enough. Come on, I work at home. What would you wear to work if you didn’t have to leave the house?

Confession time, I do frequently start writing in my nightie and robe. Not a problem--until the doorbell rings. Then dog barks, giving away the fact I’m definitely at home. Then I glance at the clock, noticing it’s after eleven AM. There’s no getting around the fact, answering the door in my bed clothes makes me feel like a sloth, even when I’ve been working all morning.


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