Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Got goals setting covered. Now for what I do need, a balance between work and play. Why? Because without balance even passion becomes dissipated.

I need time for: reading good books, listening to music, playing with the puppy, exercising, socializing, creating beauty, laughing, cleaning, organizing, and obsessing to my nerdy little heart's content. Quite literally.

Having a single track mind, I've found that I can only live in one story world at a time. In short, I'm not capable of creating a new story, plotting another, and revising a third. Bummer. I thought that would be a real efficient use of time. Maybe it would, for for a more compartmentalized brain, but not for me.

Reality is a good thing to connect with now and then. With all this in mind, I'm still aiming for six submissions again this year. Some of them are ready to go (two), some are darn close (two), and some aren't (two) but hey its only January. If I got ahead of the game, one more (novella) would be great.

Now comes the really ambitious part, I'd like to have three releases this year. I'm not in charge of releases. All I can do is write the best stories I'm capable of and submit them. There are lots of writers and few publishers--logistics alone disctate most manuscripts must be rejected.

Better get busy on my end. Two of those submissions are happening this month!


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