Sunday, January 06, 2008

Goal Setting

Over the weekend I went to a goal setting workshop. Now this is like an alcoholic joining a wine tasting. There's nothing I need less than a discussion about formulating and achieving goals. But just like a man with nineteen watches doesn't need a twentieth watch, it is a good bet if he has that many watches then he lusts after at least one more. Thus it is with me attending a goal setting workshop.

Here's are the items that resonated with me:

Writing your goals down makes them more likely to be achieved. Check.

Connecting with your passion(s) keeps you motivated. Check

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Check

Don't ask why--ask how. Check

Use your fears to expand your boundaries. Check

Use envy to learn about your desires. Check

The class was intended for writers, but the same principles apply to any kind of achievement.


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