Saturday, March 22, 2008

Writing life

Warning for those looking for inspiration or sunny reflections on the beauty of spring move on to the next blog. I’m feeling testy.

Just for the record I like spring--a lot. However, at the moment, I’m cranky.

The swamp creature, who serves as my muse, has been burping up story ideas like crazy. Why now, after I’ve taken a vow to finish projects instead of being seduced by the lure of new tale?

Fortunately, the current characters and their problems still absorb me. When I can fight my way through the distractions to actually work on their story.

Worry that some day the well of ideas might dry up compels me to at least write down the concept, sort of an extended blurb, but even that small nod to a story determined to bloom in my mind takes me out of the special world of the WIP manuscript.

Maybe that’s the reason I’m so disgruntled--it is taking me longer than usual to meet my daily writing goal--and I want to be outside playing in the sunshine. I succumb to spring fever for a couple of outdoor hours a day, which further delays writing progress.

There are days when writing flows and the word requirement isn’t a strain and then there are other days… Yet, I can’t imagine not writing.


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