Friday, March 14, 2008

Reading and raving

I was going to whine about writing and my sad lack of patience. However, since I ranted about disappointing books it is only fair to rave about delightful stories.

After the wall bangers, I turned to a sure thing. This is really the sole justification for a well-supplied TBR (to be read) shelves. I picked up a Harlequin Presents by Lucy Monroe. I’ve not sampled her paranormals because that whole genre has a very low success rate with me, but all of the other Lucy books I’ve read have been reliably entertaining. I’m guaranteed a heroine to root for, a hero to drool over, heart-pinching conflict and a satisfying ahhh ending.

I could have picked up a Lori Foster title, she never lets me down either. An entirely different voice but all the same basic why-I-read-romance reasons are there. Or I could’ve read Maya Banks’ latest. Again an entirely different style but the same basic requirements are all met. These three authors have even more in common--they write emotional, passionate, character driven romance with an erotic edge and still manage to pair their hot romances with strong honorable heroes and heroines, who deserve the love of those hunky guys.

Since I’ve been so good about reading already purchased titles, there’s actually room on the shelves and I’ve placed a pre-order for My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne. I’m praying it is as good as her debut The Spymaster’s Lady. If it is she wins a place on the very select auto-buy list.


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