Friday, February 29, 2008

Neurotic tendencies revisited

As time goes by and I hear nothing from any of the tasteful editors who have submissions from me loitering in their in-boxes I become more and more convinced it was all crap anyway. I mean how can you judge your own writing? It’s like looking at your children. The rose-colored filters of mother’s love descend to tint your vision every time you glance at them. After all you made them and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a huge investment in the little darlings.

For writers, stories are like that, you create them, you slave over them, you invest in them. But be objective about them? Forget about it. Still hope lingers, even in the face of months of waiting for an editorial response.

I read another writer’s blog, who proclaimed himself too nervous to do anything else until he got a response on the package he’d submitted. I read his words over a couple of times, wondering if he’s naïve or he’s in a whole different class of writers than me. That fortunate, here to for unsuspected, group of talented folks who get quick responses (under a month).

I figured there were writers, whose editors call them begging for something new. But I figured that was pretty select group, who no doubt have agents, managers, and people to shield their delicate creative spirits from any contact with reality.

Knowing that responses never come fast enough to suit me, I keep writing and submitting. What else? Of particular appeal are contests where there’s a guaranteed deadline for editorial response. I’ve entered two of those this year. As the date of the first of the two contests' winners’ announcement grows closer, it occurs to me there’s something worse than waiting for a response.

There’s rejection.


Blogger Avery Beck said...

Hey Evanne! Are you back home?

It's been almost a year since HQ requested my full--seven months since the revised version has been with the sr ed. I'm beginning to believe I will never get an answer (though I know this is neurotic and obviously not true), and every week that passes in silence is painful...but you're right--rejection is worse. At the same time I really REALLY want to hear something, I'm also scared of getting a response. At least now there's hope. Haven't quite figured out how I'll deal with getting *right there* and then failing, but I'm thinking it will involve a lot of wine and chocolate. ;-)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Hey Avery,

The only answer I've found is to keep trying. I'm positive I'll be buying an Avery Beck novel someday.

Rejection is a reality of this business--the last one I received I actually took pretty well-maybe half an hour of teeth gnashing. And it was about as kind as rejections get--an editor who I believe honestly wants to buy me, but I need to deliver a product that fits her publisher.

The only things I've produced which are even close are under consideration else where--frustrating when timing is so important. What if they're rejected by the other places....and then, she's moved on (hey it happens)and is editing literary fiction... I drive myself crazy. Time to polish off the travelogue get back to writing.

Persistence pays--hang in there.

8:40 AM  

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