Sunday, June 08, 2008

Writing life

The only thing that helps me endure the suspense of waiting to hear from the tasteful editor is writing other stories. Fortunately, I have lots of writing projects waiting for attention. It’s always hard to pick. However, the third Dangerous book is next.

Dangerous Secrets is the tentative title of Book three in the series. Sam Moreno, the man pictured above, is the hero. Worthy but, by far the darkest leading man I’ve attempted. I adore books with redeeming love themes. But, they’re challenging. Too dark, he’s not believable as a hero, or his redemption isn’t plausible. Not dark enough and the story loses its edge.

Just in case anyone missed the news, Dangerous Surrender released in December of last year as an ebook. Last month it came out in print.

Book two in the series, Dangerous Rescue was contracted last month. As soon as I get cover art and/or a release date I’ll let you know. Of course, there will be excerpts--after edits.

With the year half-over, I need to keep my fingers on the keyboard and my butt in the chair if I’m going to get the next Dangerous book, another novella, and a short story done this year. If I have any extra hours (hey, it could happen) there are several manuscripts in need of revision still loitering on the hard drive. One in particular calls to me. Okay, there are others.


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