Sunday, May 11, 2008

Writing--world building

The lusty little novella I'm feverishly polishing doesn't have room for a world-building prologue, alas. But, if it did then it would start like this....

Earth, 2346 post apocalypse

Two millennia after the Great War, civilization still teetered perilously close to the edge of destruction. Most of those who had survived the nuclear and biologic disasters fell during the subsequent centuries of pillaging, plagues, and famine. Human and animal populations were devastated. Along with so many deaths, much of mankind’s accomplishments were lost.

In the first of Earth’s darkest hours, the warriors, strongest of all the males, seized every viable space craft, escaping from the doomed planet with their mates.

The ever dwindling numbers of humans left behind were largely sterile. As the years passed, those rare men, still capable of viable sperm production, fathered only female offspring. There had been no reports of a male birth in more than century.

Some women toiled to carve out a meager agrigarian existence, some formed nomadic tribes, and others roamed the land alone or in small groups where the only law was survival.

One small band of females, known as the Society of Belle Amity, quietly worked, protecting and advancing the knowledge of mankind. Though life on Earth remained harsh, through rigorous training and ruthless discipline the sisters of Belle Amity progressed and even prospered. Their clever scientists synthesizing what they could not cultivate or manufacture. Except for sperm. The supply declined steadily. This critical shortage forced them to restrict allocation of the precious seeds of life to proven breeders.

When the last man on the planet died, the sisterhood faced their own extinction. Having run out of options, they planned a hazardous gambit, seeking the warriors, who’d abandoned Earth centuries ago, in a desperate bid to replenish their sperm bank.

The twelve-year intergalactic trip meant a risky transition into stasis and an even more risky reanimation procedure for the pilot in addition to the dangers inherent in any space flight. Despite the long odds for success, and the many challenges to be overcome, the sisters of Belle Amity proceeded.

Indeed, with the survival of their kind at risk, there was little choice. They carefully honed their most elegant weapon, Dalila Theron, for this critical mission.

Artificially conceived, fostered by the sisterhood, trained in weapons, self-defense, and hastily instructed in the secret arts of mind control, the disciple, Dalila accepted her sacred quest and was launched into space with instructions to invade and conquer the warriors of Enyo by any means necessary.


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