Saturday, August 30, 2008

Virtual promotion

Questions about the business side of writing crop up and I ponder the choices, usually wishing it would all go away. Since I don’t know the difference between an effective marketing move and a waste of time and money, I’d rather write or putter in the garden.

Lucky for me, the writer’s first job is to write. There are examples of clever promotion overcoming a lack of talent, but joining that group isn’t appealing.

Nevertheless, publishing is a business. Readers are the customers and writing is the product, simple enough. And yet, like any other commercial venture, without distribution, packaging, and promotion nothing happens.

Writers are encouraged and expected to take part in the promotion of their work. There is a ton of information and advice on how to build readership. Separating what works, specifically what would be effective for me, from the plethora of information is overwhelming.

I’m considering upgrading this blog to professionally designed site. Please tell me your thoughts, what brings you back to a blog--content, design, or a combination? Which are your favorite blogs and why? What would you like to see included in this blog?

If I’ve failed to include the right questions, please feel free to improvise. I promise to listen.


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