Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weird stuff

Sheila is always telling me, I should include more of my everyday life in my blogs because I come across as writing obsessed. Well, I am writing obsessed and it's hard for me to imagine anyone would be interested in my day to day life.

But, she's been right about things before. Very humbling stuff, knowing Shelia--she's bossy too.

I'm rambling, here's three things you didn't know about me.

My dog has a peanut butter habit. I'm handling it well. I think--I only buy her the cheap stuff.

I'm hooked on Old Bay seasoning. Yes, we are a complusive household. The other day I noticed the jar getting lighter and added it to the grocery list. There was none on the shelves. Irritated, but determined, I visited two additional supermarkets. No Old Bay. The internet offered a large economy jar for only ten bucks. Two pounds seems like a lot of seasoning. I hope it doesn't get stale.

I don't like clocks. What do they do for anyone? Nothing good.


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