Friday, October 17, 2008

Freaky Friday

When it comes to reading about sex, normally I subscribe to the Mae West school of thinking. "Too much of good thing is...absolutely wonderful."

Recently, I read a book with a bit too much sex. Or perhaps it was the placement of the love scenes. The first half of the story had no sex, other than sexual tension. By the time the couple made love I was more than ready for it to happen. But, once the relationship had been consummated, the author poured it on. Another hundred plus pages of more of the same, and I got a little bored.

The writing was still excellent, but the sex, that was so exciting the first half dozen times, had become predictable. In real life a deepening tender lovemaking experience would never get old. But, here's another area where what is pleasing in fiction and what is pleasing in real life differ. In writing once all is well with the romantic couple, there's little to say worth reading.

In this particular tale, all that kept me turning the last hundred pages was the unresolved suspense. And the suspense plot was not the strongest part of the story.

In the vast and popular sub-genre of romantic suspense there is a wide range of suspense to romance ratio. The best selling titles include a small sub-plot romance, if any. I'm flexible about how much romance versus suspense is in a book. But, the few titles elevated to keeper status have a strong romance element.

If you read romantic suspense, how much romance do want in your thrillers?


Anonymous Jill Sorenson said...

Too many sex scenes can slow down the plot in a romantic suspense, I think. I like a good balance, maybe 50% romance, 50% suspense. Steamy love scenes are great, but if the sex is taking up the entire second half of the book, that's not really my idea of an exciting climax.

One of Pamela Clare's books was like that for me. But the sex was really good, so I didn't care!

7:20 PM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Thanks for stopping by Jill. I need some variety even when reading steamy scenes. LOL

I like a strong romance with my suspense, I'll settle for less than half but it seems like my favorite thriller writers are leaving it out totally. :( Time for more new authors!

7:52 PM  

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