Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blaze reading report - Highland Fling

A casual morning round of blog visits led me to Jennifer Labrecque's site and in turn her blog. (Is it just me or blogs always the most entertaining part of a site?) After reading the negative review I had to rearrange the tottering TBR stack in order to retrieve my copy of Highland Fling.

Aside from curiosity - it is the first time travel Blaze (research) has plaid on the cover (love Scottish heroes) and it looks like fun. After a over-full day I managed to read the first couple of chapters before bed. (The addicted reader has to read at least one chapter or she can't sleep.)

The book is exactly what I like in a Blaze - sexy plus fun or sexy plus dangerous, or sexy plus romantic or occasionally a combination of all three. I look forward to reading a gothic Blaze. To paraphrase Ms. Chin - everything goes with sexy.


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