Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reading Report - All U Can Eat

Emma Holly brings an energetic and cheerful enthusiasm for sex to the story. Since I like an actual plot in all reading, yes even erotica, Emma is one of my favorites. She provides a blend of sweet and spicy which has built loyal fan base in one of the market’s hottest segments.

All U Can Eat combines a murder mystery with uninhibited enjoyment of mildly kinky sex. Fantasy writing (whether science fiction, paranormal, erotica or a combination) has tricky aspects. For one, the author takes on the task of more world building than a contemporary fiction work set in a real city. When the author succeeds as in the Harry Potter books the stories have the added attraction of a setting readers can’t wait to visit again.

The key to the believability of a story world is emotion and consistency. If the reader understand and empathizes with the emotions of the protagonist(s) and the fictional setting maintains its integrity the tale unfolds on firm ground.

By definition a fantasy world is unreal, but the feelings inside the world must feel genuine. All U Can Eat’s world wobbled on its story axis for me. I found it hard to buy the hero’s reaction to the heroine’s enjoyment of multiple partners. That said, Emma still tells one of the best steamy love stories around.


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