Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reading Report

A Presents Binge - what can I say? Sometimes I crave dark chocolate truffles. A delicious assortment of international flavor delights.

A Virgin For The Taking, by Trish Morey Harlequin Presents - Aussie style and delightful imagery it is. Magical exotic settings provide a delectable backdrop for passionate romance. Do you need more? Allow me to introduce your hero:

His unyielding stance was imbued with antagonism, from his unshaven jaw and short finger-combed dark hair to his designer black jeans and hand-crafted leather boots planted on the floor like they owned it. Even the contrasting white shirt failed to soften the impression, instead only emphasizing his olive skin and dark features. He wore power like a birthright.

Of course at the center is the requisite melting romance as power yields to the power of love.

The Sicilian's Christmas Bride by Sandra Marton - Set in the Big Apple, New York is there a better location for an opulent Christmas story? The lights, the throngs of shoppers, glittering balls and sparkling champagne in the city that never sleeps. The hero - of course. He's dark, an avenging angel who believes the heroine betrayed him, he's cruel, he's cold, yet he burns for her and she's hiding a secret not even he imagines she'd be wicked enough to keep from him . . .

A lovely stocking stuffer for your favorite Presents addict, but don't you deserve a treat too?

Million-Dollar Love-Child by Sarah Morgan A Brazilian Billionaire as handsome and sexy as he is ruthless and two dazzling international settings for the price of one the story starts in Rio and moves to London via private jet. This is an Uncut Presents, which means extra steamy love scenes for those who like their chocolate with a hint of spice. The hero is masterful and traditional matched with a heroine who borders on the unconvincing edge between terror and passion. Ms. Morgan gives good motivation for her fear, yet I would've preferred her more challenging outside of the bedroom. Still a tasty treat for the Latin lover fan club.


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