Monday, November 13, 2006

Writing Life

Most of today's leisure hours were devoted to polishing a synopsis written yesterday. It's only a couple of pages, why does it take so long? Telling the super-condensed version of a story is tough. It needs to make the inner conflict sharp (still not sure the current version does that well enough). It needs to give enough of the exterior plot that the editor is confident you can tell an engaging story. It needs to draw compelling miniatures of your characters. In addition to these primary goals, the synopsis should fairly quiver with the correct tone for the line and showcase your voice. Anyone who thinks it's easy to write these simple summaries obviously hasn't written any.

Speaking of new experiences, recently I bumped into a newbie in private forum. Oh my - the exuberance, the innocence and the complete mess. I remember being there. Ignorance was bliss. Unfortunately it accomplishes nothing to move one's publishing career forward.


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