Monday, November 20, 2006

Writing Life

This morning, on a whim I checked the sidebar links - two of them didn't work. I have no idea why - the code looked fine. Eyeing the html symbol by symbol revealed nothing. Eventually I reentered both links - they look exactly the same but now they work.

If you understand why - good for you. I don't and it's a good example of the why-should-I-blog syndrome. Nephele Tempest wrote about it the other day over on Romancing the Blog. She mentioned that if you aren't up to perky blogging several times a week you're better off without one. Perhaps a group blog is right for you. I disagree. I check my favorite blogs once a week if there's nothing new I check again the following week. - Am I the only patient blog fan?

Blogging is time consuming, as is blog reading - but it gives me lots in return. New perspectives, market news, buzz and a feeling of community.


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