Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reading Report

Undone by Carly Phillips, Donna Kauffman and Candace Schuler

I've told you all about my book buying addiction and the sagging to-be-read shelves. I'm going to reform any minute now. Well maybe next year.;) All this is just a reminder of why I'm just now getting around to a book that has been sitting on my shelf for more than a year. :(

The first story, Going All The Way by Ms. Phillips is a novella. Right off the bat she gains my admiration. She has charming characters and a typically tender-hot Blaze romance in half the usual words.

The second My Secret Thrill by Ms.Kauffman is a reissue of classic Blaze circa 2001. Undone is a great chance to acquire it along with two other blazing stories. The characters come life from the start with admirable skill.

The third Good Time Girl by Ms.Schuler is also a classic Blaze circa 2002 is lots of sexy fun with a cowboy to die for.


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