Friday, February 16, 2007

Writing Life

Do you read what you write?

It's standard advice to write what you like to read. That doesn't work for me - since I admire what I'm not good at.:) However, since I read everything,invariably I do read some of the genre I'm writing. The drawback, for me - is that I compare my unedited work to another writer's polished story. Very discouraging. :( If I read too many titles in a category I'm writing then I become despondent.

Sadly, I'm more critical of categories of fiction that I am writing. This fussy attitude takes much of the fun out of reading. To enjoy the fictional world requires a certain suspension of belief.

Do I read what I write? Yes. I've found a system that works for me. If I'm writing a Presents story I'm allowed to read Blazes. If I'm writing a Blaze, then I get to read Presents. Romantic suspense sits on the shelf a great deal of the time - and it's one of my favorites. But I frequently include suspense elements, so I have to watch reading suspense. Historicals are always safe.:) Thank goodness.


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