Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reading Report

No Second Chance, by Harlan Coben is a plot forward mystery thriller. The plotting is excellent, lots of nicely handled twists that keep the reader guessing and turning pages until the end. Mr. Coben writes well, handling dialogue and action with a deft hand. The characters are well drawn, three dimensional, and consistently portrayed. All and all a nicely delivered thriller.

So am I happy? No, but I take full blame for my dissatisfaction. The characters failed to engage me. The hero is intellectual, distant, and self-centered. His most sympathetic factor is that he's aware of his short comings. The main story question; will he find his missing infant daughter, is so compelling that the sub-plot of a reunion romance seems almost intrusive. For those readers who love getting caught up in the literary equivalent of a car chase scene this is a great read.


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