Sunday, May 13, 2007

Publication Quest

Real life crashed through the fantasy world I live in much of the time. Stalling the progress on the novella. The other snag is the one I’ve had since the beginning with this story -- the challenge of combining an erotic plot with a convincing romance into a story that hangs together. Oddly enough, even the most far fetched fiction has to make sense. I have an idea of how to combine the two different genres but getting it done in a short word count remains challenging.

Current year's goals

1) Study characterization to add depth to the story's cast
2) Three submissions
3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

Done reading the stack of books related to characterization - Found one more unread craft book in the thinning TBR shelves. Added it to the smaller current reading group.

Three submissions sent!

Working on number four (see word meter number four)

Submission Status:

Still waiting to hear from the publishers


1) five months - estimated response time from publisher 3 months

2) One month and three weeks - estimated response time from publisher 1 month

3) One month and one weeks - estimated response time from publisher none*

*Publisher did acknowledge the submission, but included a warning not to contact them about this submission.

TBR stack grew again this week. Several paperbacks leaped into my shopping cart when I detoured by the book aisle to pick up a necessary box of business envelopes. They refused to get out until I got to the checkout counter . . . .


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