Monday, May 21, 2007

Writing Life

A week ago the mail brought my renewal notice for RWA. I've been a member for three years. I've read many informative articles. I've entered two contests. I'm thrilled when I see a friend's name in the first sale column or as a contest winner.

But I've been thinking. What has this organization done for me lately? If my life were different and monthly chapter meetings were anticipated outings . . . if I actually made money writing and needed to stay informed about the industry. . . if I wanted to place an ad. . . . Then maybe the dues would make sense.

Join RWA is standard advice for aspiring romance authors. The membership is large and diverse, offering an unparalleled opportunity for networking. The organization is also slow to recognize or adapt to a fast changing industry.

For me, the value of the membership is not worth the price of the dues.


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