Sunday, June 10, 2007

Publication Quest

Busy plotting a new story. Characters, setting, research, and plot twists – all good stuff.

Current year's goals updated

1) Craft is back - it helps tell the good story

2) Three submissions

3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

Read the last unread craft book from the TBR shelves

Four submissions sent! Two novels, one novella, and one short

Status: One rejection – three waiting to hear from the publishers


Number Two: Full requested – One week – estimated response time from publisher none *

Number three: Two months one week - estimated response time from publisher none**

Number four: One week and two days – estimated response time from publisher 10 days!

*Senior editors have nothing else to do other than read my story, right? LOL Here’s the advantage of having submitted a few times. I know it will be awhile. Hence beginning a new story right away.

**Publisher did acknowledge the submission, but included a warning not to contact them about submissions to this line. Three months is long enough for them to have an exclusive.

TBR stack grew – yes again this week, but at least they aren’t weighing down the shelves they were e-books and therefore invisible. Hee hee


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