Monday, June 11, 2007

Writing life

No email from the lovely editors at Samhain, so either my submission went astray or they selected other stories. In either case, it's time to revise the Pirate Novella and send it off to other discriminating editors.

It's tricky balancing my ambitions against reality. In a perfect world I'd have at least one more of each type of story ready to go. However my corner of the universe is far from perfect. Working without editorial feedback, I write the stories that call to me.

Here's the current insanely optimistic plan:

1)Polish Pirate Rules - submit this week

2)Plot Dangerous Deception - begin writing this week

3)Revise Blackmailed by the Billionaire after Dangerous Deception's first draft is complete.

4)Polish Dangerous Deception

5)Polish Blackmailed by the Billionaire

6)Write two more erotica shorts to complete the Island trilogy

7)Write new Pirate Novella

8)Write new Presents story

Enjoy the holiday season, leaving something for next year.


Blogger Lori Borrill said...

Is sleeping and eating in there somewhere? *g*

Good luck on your goals. They are mighty agressive!

4:01 PM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Lori, Sleeping and eating are for slackers. Don't watch TV much either. ;) Hence no comment on what shows are great. I've seen some of ones you mentioned - but I've never been keen on the little box - I like movies. But mainly I read - hopelessly out of date.

6:42 PM  

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