Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dangerous Rescue

Finished up the second draft of Dangerous Rescue, book two of my Dangerous series. Also revised the synopsis, drafted a cover letter, and the blurbs. Now the story gets a rest before its final polishing edit. Naturally, when I’m writing a book I fall in love with the characters and I want to share them with my readers.

Here’s Regan Longstreet, dressed up in her princess persona.

And here’s Ian McKnight, dressed down.

Here’s the blurb-

Warrior princess, Regan Longstreet rejects seductive, Ian McKnight until an uncanny resemblance to a real Princess lands her a dangerous assignment in his world. Her mission is simple: play princess, get the terrorists, and get out alive – a second chance for love isn’t part of her plans but Ian is a hard man to resist.

Ian McKnight doesn’t want to get his heart stomped again. He’s older and smarter than the last time he proposed to Regan. A family of his own is his dearest dream, so why get hung up on a woman who won’t commit? When terrorists threaten Regan, he has no choice. He can’t walk away. He’s willing to sacrifice his life to save her. But will he put his heart on the line in the most dangerous rescue of all?

On to the next project, but I’ll get to re-visit Regan and Ian a few more times yet before they venture into the big world.


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