Sunday, August 05, 2007

Publication Quest

Actually, the goals aren't updated at all. So what did I actually do last week? Finished up the revisions for book two in Dangerous series, worked on the synopsis, blurbs, etc. more work needed but the story is resting. Reread the first story in the Choices series polished it a little bit--no big changes. Began plotting story two in the same series. Also indulged my geeky side with fresh notebook, labeling, little tabs and all the other fussy details that go along with the birth of fresh story. Joined yet another reader group only to find more writers than readers. Read a couple of books and of course all the real life stuff. LOL

Current year's goals updated

1) Continue to study and learn the craft of writing.

2) Three submissions – done – follow up with a sequels* to each-- three sequels in progress!

3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

1) Reading my stuff--applying what I’ve learned to edit better

2) Six submissions sent! Two novels, one novella x two, and one short x two

Status: One sale--three rejections--two waiting to hear from the publishers


Number one: resting (revisions next year?)

Number two: Sold! Tasteful acquiring editor explained it will be months before an editor is assigned to work with me ... actual release date? Some time next year is my best guess.

Number three: Resubmitted--new estimated response time--three to five weeks

Number four: Resubmitted – new estimated response time – four weeks--eleven months **

TBR shelves shrank by a couple of titles--the books were good but not OMG I’ve got to read everything this author has--thinking about how few and far between those finds are, undoubtedly more a reflection of my weird taste than all the fine stories on offer.

*Yes, I do admit this is an insane plan, but I need to stay busy. If I have idle time I become even more neurotic and imagine unpleasant things. Far better to put my twisted mind to work developing more dangerously sexy stories.

** Tasteful review editor wrote that she liked it and moved it to acquiring editor’s inbox. Sadly, acquiring editor’s inbox is overflowing


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