Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Non-writing Life

Let's face it, I'm easily distracted. All too frequently, I get through only one page before something else (anything else) demands attention. Yes, the house and yard have been neglected for sometime and truly need lots of work. Leaky roofs, non-functioning furnaces, and the like require action. And then there's the fact that I like things clean. Whether I move or stay (one of those big decisions I'm postponing) sparkling and tidy works for me.

Clutter makes this goal more challenging, hence the great sorting out project. Toss, donate, or sell are nice sensible designations. But honestly? At least half of the time I have no idea what it is. Here's where ebay helps. They sell almost everything. Not sure what you have? No problem. They've got a search function that works almost as well as Google's. Since I'm a newbie seller, I started with DVDs, figuring I'd work up to other stuff eventually.

Last week, I branched out, adding a pair of boots, a purse, and a couple of pairs of panties to the movie list. Everything is selling well, except the underwear. Apparently, intimate apparel doesn't fly on ebay. They're brand new--still in the package. I bought the thongs on clearance and tried one of the four pairs, finding them surprisingly comfortable. Still, I'm not thrilled with them and I like to be happy with my undies. Sadly, I'm shallow and vain, despite being both fat and old.

Inbetween polishing, cleaning, sorting, and selling I did get to the end of the most recent romantic suspense story making lots of nitpicky changes but finding nothing alarming now to input all those small corrections, and then on to a new pirate story. Even at my turtle pace, I may manage a sequel to the first pirate story this year.


Blogger Lori Borrill said...

Congrats on finishing the project!

With our move to a smaller house, we're doing a lot of the decluttering you are as well, using the same three categories, toss, donate, sell. It never occurred to me to consider e-bay. What a great idea!

Though my underwear isn't nearly as interesting as yours. LOL!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Lori, the um interesting underwear wasn't really me LOL that's why it's on ebay. Though I was amazed by the comfort--just couldn't get past the look.

5:24 PM  

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