Saturday, December 01, 2007

Random notes

Did you know that Outback’s cheesy fries are the worst food in America? And here I’ve been avoiding their bloomin’ onion, apparently for no good reason. I’m sure it’s tasty. Do you think Outback Steak Houses actually have anything to do with Australia?

Since it’s Saturday it’s time to take photos and write descriptions for ebay. There’s still a lot of excess stuff around here. After listing items for several weeks, here’s what I’ve learned. I’m no judge of what sells. I’ve got a huge stack of vinyl records, which I assume are worthless (but I need to check it out) and an excellent working order record player. These are not things I need or will ever use. In fact, no one has used them in years. Sell or toss? Maybe sell--I could spend many hours just looking for the record player’s original packing material--odds are excellent that the box it came it is stored downstairs. But so are a lot of other things.

Some of the excess around here is mine. I like to read--a lot. Therefore, I buy books and if I think I might want to re-read that book sometime then I save it. There are eleven full bookcases in this house. I’d like to cut down to nine bookcases (it’s a start). Even that small reduction is a lot of books to cull. Then there’s the current influx of new books. What to do with the already read stories, which do not merit rereading? Sell? Nah, there’s no market for most of them. Trade--possibly--depends. I already have a handsome surplus account with my local used bookstore. My library holds an annual book sale to get rid of their excess. I do donate books, but with a steady stream leaving my hands it’s an ongoing problem. A great many of the current mass market titles wind up in recycling. It bothers me, but I haven’t found a better solution.

There are five full closets also. Another problem that rivals that of the books. I find going through things, deciding what to do with each item sad work. Unfortunately, it’s not a task I can delegate. My ultimate goal is to winnow the piles down to things which add quality to my life.

The unexpected bonus has come from some of the buyers. I’ve gotten lovely notes from new and thrilled owners of some of the culled items. It makes me feel good to know someone else will cherish what was only taking up space and gathering dust around here.

Now, if I could only figure out how to do that efficiently with the books....


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