Sunday, May 04, 2008


The internet is a small place for all the hundreds of millions of users. How do I know this? A year of two back I blogged everyday. Since I’m one of those OCD types, I had a writing craft day, a reading report day, a writing life day, a sample day--you get the idea.

The reading report day was always fraught with danger. What good is a literary review that isn’t honest? And yet, I’m keenly aware that personal taste plays heavily into judging the perceived merit, or lack of, in a novel. So I decided to stick to books that had some redeeming features and to concentrate of what I liked about the story rather than dwelling on its defects.

There are a great many popular authors I don’t care to read. They’re doing fine without my support. So I don’t feel any compunction to add my less than enthusiastic praise to the pages of reviews that already exist for their work.

The books I reviewed, for the most part, are those lesser know gems that appealed to me. One of those books, The Good Son by Craig Nova reminded me how small the world wide web really is.

A couple of years after the review I received a gracious comment from Mr. Nova. Proving that even brilliant novelists sometimes surf.


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