Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dangerous Surrender Review

Dangerous Surrenderby Evanne Lorraine

Detective Zach Longstreet wasn't the kind of man any sane woman would give a second glance-unless she was just 'in' to getting her heart trampled in a post sexual stampede for the door.

Unfortunately, he was the kind of man women were drawn to like metal shavings to a magnet-tall, dark, dangerous, and completely relationship phobic. He also hated journalists with a passion.

Ciara is an intricate character who is well-rounded and appealing. She has need-to-please issues with her father, and insecurities that stem from a life-long inability to do so. She doesn't simper and cow to him, however, which I admired. Her conflict with her father is presented in a realistic manner, and she interacts with him as an adult — not an approval-seeking child. She makes compromises with him because, in spite of everything, she loves her dad. Her differences with her father set the stage for her being a part of the story's intrigue as well as her hesitancy in getting involved with Zach.

Zach is beefcake cop who is commitment-phobic, but he instantly recognizes something special about Ciara. He doesn't really want to admit this, however, and is sometimes surprised at the intensity of his reactions to her, such as jealousy and possessiveness. I was drawn to him because of his inner struggles in coming to terms with his feelings for her. It made him human, sensitive and utterly dreamy.

The intimacy between Zach and Ciara is sensual and potent, and I can't say enough good things about Zach's stamina! I also found Ciara's enthusiasm for sex in light of her relative inexperience irresistible. The doubts they both harbor about the nature of their relationship keep the sexual tension high. I think because of this, when they do come together, their lovemaking is explosive and it adds to the overall sensuality of the story.

Although the characters were great and easy to relate to and the basic concept of the story piqued my interest, I felt the attempt to compound the conflict between the two in an effort to keep the suspense high fell a bit short. Ciara, on a few occasions, is quick to believe the worst of Zach when I don't feel it's warranted or even probable. Reasons are given for her quick conclusions, but I saw them as unrealistic and manufactured as a way to push them apart again. Zach also doubts her when he makes an assumption in an unlikely situation which I found frustrating.

The suspenseful plot is intertwined with the lives of Zach and Ciara in a way that I both appreciated and admired. The antagonist is hinted at in such a way that kept me guessing and the villain's identity is revealed at just the right time which increased my anxiety as I worried what would happen next — and, of course, I had to keep reading to find out! Dangerous Surrender is a thrilling romantic suspense novel that is sure to please lovers of the genre.


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