Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Writing Business

Recently, New Concepts Publishing updated their submission guidelines and included a pay scale. You can check it out here. Oddly, enough the data cheered me up, I'm doing better than average! Of course, by the very nature of accounting, all numbers reported are already out of date.

You can review most of the other romance publisher's on Karen Fox's Show Me The Money Report here

If you want to want to write for publication, it's very nice to get paid. But there are other considerations. If I'm not impressed with a publisher's titles then it's unlikely I'll fit in with their market.

For lots more information on the e-publishers check out Piers Anthony's Report here

I urge anyone wanting to sell their fiction to do your own research. Personally, I have always ordered several titles from any publisher I'd considered submitting to. No amount of research is going to give you the same kind of in depth information as real life experience.

All of the interactions I've had with New Concepts Publishing have been pleasant and professional. Under the terms of my contracts, I would be paid semi-annually. To my delight, I've received royalty statements and been paid quarterly. They've kindly provided thorough edits for my manuscripts. But, I'm just one author, your experience may be entirely different.

Feel free to add your kudos or complaints about publishers or whatever is on your mind....


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